This page is for the man on Earth-1 known as Adam Fells. For his Earth-2 counterpart, see Adam Fells (Earth-2).

Adam Fells also known as Geomancer, is a meta-human who was keen to take down the Flash


Determined to prove himself a more powerful meta-human than the Flash, Adam Fells went out into Central City causing earth tremors, to gain the scarlet speedsters attention. He did this for several days, but Flash never showed- bringing him to the conclusion that the Flash had gone somwhere. As it turns out, at this time Barry had gone to Earth-2, so Jay Garrick went to face the villain in his place. Jay almost lose his head to Fells' meta-human geokenisis, when he finally approached him, but Joe West shot at him to distract him and Fells retreated. 

Another encounter with Geomancer, Jay saved several people from a collapsing building that Fells had triggered.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Geomancer returned and attacked Caitlin Snow and Iris West to get attention from Jay. Caitlin took him down using the B.O.O.T that Cisco Ramon designed specifically for subduing meta-humans. He was then sent to Iron Heights.


  • Geokenesis: Ability to control and cause tremors in the ground.


Season Two


  • Jay mentions that the "Geomancer" on his Earth is dead.

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