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This page is for the man from Earth-2 called Al Rothstein. For his Earth-1 counterpart see Al Rothstein (Earth-1).

Al Rothstein is a meta-human from Earth-2. He was sent by Zoom to kill the Flash but was unsuccessful. His alter-ego is called "Atom Smasher," as dubbed by Martin Stein.


Early life

Rothstein gained his powers through the particle accelerator on Earth-2. Through it, he received super strength and the ability to grow larger on command. He was recruited by Zoom to attack the Flash on Earth-1.

Coming to Earth-1

Zoom promised to return Rothstein home if he succeeded in killing the Flash. Rothstein killed his Earth-1 counterpart to try and trick Zoom into thinking he was dead, then attacked the Flash at the "Flash Day" celebration in Central CityJoeCisco and Barry were able to knock his mask off. He retreated but later Team Flash found him at a nuclear facility. The Flash tried to take him down but was overpowered. Cisco set off the alarms in the building just before Barry could be fatally injured and Rothstein, distracted, gave Barry an opening to escape.

Later, Team Flash summoned Rothstein into the open using a large light with the Flash symbol on it. They were able to lure him into a chamber at a nuclear powerplant where they overloaded him with radiation.

Barry apologized for having to kill him, and asked why Rothstein had wanted to kill him. Rothstein told him that Zoom had promised to take him home if he succeeded in killing him, just before he died from the radiation in the chamber.


  • Radiokenisis:
    • Superhuman strength:
    • Superhuman durability:
    • Superhuman mobility:
    • Size manipulation:


  • Radiation Absorption Limit:


Season Two

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