Axel Walker (born 1990), also known as The Trickster, is a psychotic terrorist that operates as a sidekick to the original Trickster, James Jesse, who is also his father. The duo went on a killing spree in Central City, nearly killing Iris WestHenry Allen  and several other civilians, before being stopped by the Flash.   


Early Communication with Jesse

Axel Walker first communicated with Jesse James many years before he was introduced to Team Flash; sending each other letters. Although unknown at the time to Axel, Jesse James chose Axel because he was his son. Axel eventually took up the mantle of the Trickster, one previously held by Jesse James.

The Mantle of Trickster

After a long time of this pattern, Axel finally took up the mantle of Trickster, starting his own killing spree with by sending parachute bombs over a park. However, the Flash was able to save every child, vanquishing the Trickster's first trick.

Axel set into the plan he and Jesse had created with an announcement that a massive bomb was hidden in the city. Distracting the police, he sprung Jesse from prison, capturing Henry Allen as a hostage. It is thought that he was able to get such weapons from the original Trickster's Lair.

In a conversation between Axel and Jesse, Jesse announced to Axel that he had chosen him because he was his father.

Their first plan together was to poison a crowd of guests, including Iris, at a event held by Mayor Anthony Bellows. The guests were instructed to transfer all their jewelry and money to to the two terrorists.The Flash quickly interrupted, but the Tricksters counterattacked, by slapping a speed sensitive bomb to the Flash. Learning how to phase through solid objects, the Flash got rid of the bomb, and returned with an antidote, saving everyone, and capturing the Tricksters.


Axel uses a variety of weaponry, but his plans appear to favor explosives and poisons.



Season One

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