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This page is for the man on Earth-2 known as Barry Allen. For his Earth-1 counterpart, see Barry Allen.

Barrtholomew Henry "Barry" Allen is Barry Allen's doppelgänger from Earth-2. On this aternate Earth he is married to Iris West and his mom and dad are both still alive. However, he has a rough relationship with his father-in-law, Joe West, due to Joe blaming him for ruining Iris' chances at a safe career. He is also still a CSI at the CCPD.


Bartholomew was first seen giving a report to the news about Zoom and was soon after kidnapped and knocked out by his Earth-1 counterpart. Before he was rendered unconcscious, he asked why Barry looked like him and then noticed Harrison Wells and began gushing over how much he loved his string phenomenology. He was locked in a room in S.T.A.R. Labs and handcuffed until he came around again about a day later while Earth-1 Barry went to CCPD as his counterpart to investigate Zoom. Later, Wells and Cisco took Bartholomew to Wells' "time vault" while they hid from Zoom, confusing him even more as to why Zoom was chasing them.

Later, he joined his wife Iris, Wells and Cisco on a quest to find Killer Frost so she could lead them to Zoom's lair and eventually help them rescue Jesse Quick and Earth-1 Barry. He helped Barry escape from the cell Zoom had placed him in, after giving him a motivational talk. As Earth-1 Barry escaped with his friends, he told his counterpart to get somewhere safe. Iris replied that they knew some people in Atlantis.


This version of Barry is still very kind-hearted and a good husband. However, he can still be cowardly at times and much geekier than the Earth-1 Barry. Later he risks his life to help rescue his Earth-1 counterpart from Zoom, demonstrating his good heart and willigness to help others.


  • Technology skills and genius intellect: Bartholomew is very intelligent and was able to write an algorithm to track down meta-humans like Killer Frost- something no one else was able to do.



Season Two


  • This Barry is a fan of Commander Carl: Space Marshal of the Galaxy.
  • It is not explained why Bartholomew is not a meta-human, but it is presumed that he was not the right place on the night of the particle accelerator explosion on Earth-2.

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