Bette Sans Souci, also known as Plastique, (died late-October 2014) was a bomb disposal expert for the United States Army, and held the position of sergeant. During the particle accelerator explosion, she was caught in the wave of energies, and she received the ability to turn everything she touches into a bomb.


Military Career

Bette Sans Souci operated in the U.S. Military as an EOD, or Explosive Ordance Disposal. While stationed in Afghanistan, a bomb went off, releasing shrapnel into her body. She was sent to Central City to undergo surgery to remove the shrapnel, and was operated by Dr. Hadley and Wade Eiling

After Particle Accelerator Explosion

During the particle accelerator explosion, Sans Souci was affected by the wave of energies, and due to the experiments being performed by Hadley and Eiling, she obtained the ability to explode anything she touches.

Months later, Bette was detected by S.T.A.R. Labs when she accidentally set off an explosion while attempting to steal files from an office building.

She was then chased down by the Flash, who, after she accidentally touched him, destroyed the suit. However, she quickly alerted him to the upcoming detonation, saving his life.

Bette confronted Hadley, the doctor who had operated on her, but the meeting was interrupted by General Eiling and the Army, who wanted to capture her to create a supersoldier. However, Barry interfered, and ran her to S.T.A.R. Labs before serious injury could occur.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team discovered her powers came from bomb fragments infused in her DNA. As Cailtin Snow checked up on Bette, she discovered she had been shot with a tracer. Subsqeuntly, General Eiling appeared at S.T.A.R. Labs, but the team was able to get her out of the building to continue testing her powers.

Later, alone with Dr. Wells, he manipulated her to believe that killing General Eiling would be the best possible outcome. She then set out by herself to surrender herself to Eiling.

After the Army showed up to accept her surrender, she attacked them, throwing bomb disks. Barry quickly intervened, but was unable to stop Eiling from shooting and killing Sans Souci.

Sans Souci's body then involutunarily turned into a bomb, with a massive range, but before it could explode, the Flash was able to whisk her to a river far away from the city. The body exploded, with the Flash narrowly escaping.


  • Explosive Touch: After being hit by the dark matter wave released by the particle accelerator incident the bomb fragment Bette had inside her body combined with her physiology on a cellular level and this gave her the meta-human ability to produce spontaneous combustion upon tactile contact. After learning a little more to manipulate her powers, she was able to turn objects such as Frisbees into bombs. In one instance, in her battle against Eiling and the Army, she threw small balls at them, creating miniature bombs.


Season One

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