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This article is a Policy. By continuing to use this wiki, you agree to this policy's terms.

This Image Policy outlines general content, naming, and sizing for images on this wiki. The guidelines established here must be followed for clean and consistent presentation of content. Please review our Editing Policy for what you can, and cannot put into articles.



Infobox: Use the character's name, followed by CW. For example, the image for Barry Allen would be titled 'BarryAllenCW.png.' The order can be switched, to have the CW go in front of the image. If the character has an alter ego, follow the same steps, instead naming the image with their alter ego. Do the same for any other infobox.

'Blog/Forum: Write 'Blog' followed by the title of your blog and then a number. For example, on a blog titled "Flash is Awesome," the first image would be titled 'BlogFlashIsAwesome1.png', the second image BlogFlashIsAwesome2.png' and so on. Follow the same steps for forum posts, instead replacing 'Blog' with 'Forum.'

Anywhere Else: When adding images to other locations on the wiki, such as user pages, please use common sense with naming images. For example, do not name an image 'Flash238471738.png.'


Infobox: CW's Flash Wiki prohibits usage of promotional images in infoboxes. If you would like to post a promotional image, do so in the gallery for the character, which can either be found or created by going to the page name/Gallery. Shots from the actual episodes are the only images allowed in infoboxes. Quality must be at least 720p, except in exempt cases, when a 720p image cannot be acquired.

'Blog/Forum: There are no restrictions on images in blogs/forum posts, as long as they pertain to the blog, and are are appropriate. Inappropriate images will be removed and the poster punished.

Anywhere Else: There are no restrictions on images anywhere else, as long as they are appropriate. Inappropriate images will be removed and the poster punished.


Images, when being added to infoboxes, must follow the following sizing requirements:

  • If the tabber feature (eg. Images for both Barry Allen in and out of costume in the Character Infobox) is to be used, both images must have the exact same height. We recommend you use this site for sizing the images this way, but any method is permitted, as long as it follows the guidelines.
  • Images are preferred to take up the entire width of an infobox. If an image does not take up the entirety of the width of an infobox, it is permitted to be replaced only by an image that fits these guidelines.

Replacing Images

Images are permitted to replace in infoboxes if the current image does not meet the guidelines of the Image Policy, or if the image is outdated. For example, if Barry Allen's infobox contained a picture of his season 1 suit in his alter ego tab, it would be permitted to be updated with his season 2 as long as it the image replacing it followed the guidelines.

Note: Images not following this policy prior to April 10th, 2016, are exempt from this policy.

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