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This page is for the woman on Earth-1 known as Caitlin Snow. For her Earth-2 counterpart, see Caitlin Snow (Earth-2).

An incredibly intelligent bio-engineering expert, Caitlin is a medical expert on the S.T.A.R. Labs team. Her name in the comics is that of the secret identity of Killer Frost, one of Firestorm’s archenemy's- and her Earth-2 doppelgänger. Her husband, Ronnie Raymond, was supposedly killed in the particle accelerator explosion, but was discovered to be alive later in the show. However, he was alive as half of Firestorm, the other half being Dr. Martin Stein.


Before the Particle Accelerator Explosion

Caitlin and Ronnie were a happy couple before the particle accelerator exploded. Little is known about Caitlin's life before Ronnie died, other than that they were very happy with one another.

Joining Team Flash

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After Flashpoint

Caitlin was affected by the change in the timeline and gained ice powers the same as her Earth-2 counterpart had.


Season One

Every episode

Season Two

Every episode

Season Three

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