We are quite the pair, Mr. Allen.

–To Barry Allen on the topic of their social lives, Crazy For You

Yeah, but it's OK if you peeked a little. You deserve a peek for all of the good stuff you do.

–To Barry Allen on the subject of Barry sneaking a peek at her "goods", Crazy For You

Yeah, he's so hot. Uh, I mean, genetically speaking. Because I'm a geneticist, of course. Oh, my God, do I sound like Felicity?

–To Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon about Eddie Thawne, Plastique

He said no to being a superhero! Who does that? I mean, you didn't say no when you had the chance. Cisco? Would you?!

–To Cisco Ramon on the topic of Jefferson Jackson refusing to become Firestorm, The Fury of Firestorm

Being a superhero isn't always about how fast you can run, it's about helping however you can, wherever you're needed most. I think Jay Garrick, physicist, has just as much to contribute as Jay Garrick, superhero. Maybe more.

–To Jay Garrick, Family of Rogues

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