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This page is for the woman on Earth-2 known as Caitlin Snow. For her Earth-1 counterpart, see Caitlin Snow.

Caitlin Snow also known as Killer Frost is the doppelgänger of Caitlin Snow from Earth-2. She worked as an agent for Zoom along with her (now deceased) romantic interest, Ronnie Raymond. She called herself "Killer Frost" and worked with Ronnie- "Deathstorm"- to catch people and or meta-humans who opposed Zoom. They also were responsible for capturing 'breachers', people coming from different earths and turning them over to the black speedster.

Caitlin was affected by the particle accelerator explosion, which gave her control over ice. In Welcome to Earth-2, she is shown working for Zoom with Ronnie. They fight Barry Allen outside of CC Jitters on Earth-2, sensing that he is a meta-human and a breacher from another world. After teaming up with Reverb to take down the scarlet speedster, Ronnie is killed by Zoom for hurting Barry when he'd asked for him to be unharmed. Caitlin is horrified and grieves for him.

In Escape from Earth-2, Cisco manages to convince Caitlin that she doesn't have to follow Zoom, especially since he murdered Ronnie. She eventually is persuaded to help them, and leads Earth-2 Barry, Cisco, Wells and Earth-2 Iris to Zoom's lair, where he was keeping Earth-1 Barry prisoner along with Jesse Quick. She even snaps Jesse's chains with her ice and attempts to free Barry from his cage. However, as the group is leaving it is revealed that she double crossed them and alerted Zoom to their arrival. She has a change of heart when Zoom threatens to kill Jesse in front of Wells, and blasts him with her ice magic when his back is turned. She keeps holding him as long as she can while everyone else escapes.

Zoom kept Killer Frost locked in his lair, because she was Earth-1 Caitlin's dopplegänger. After kidnapping Caitlin from Earth-1, he had no need to keep her around any longer. Caitlin tried to help her escape and in turn Killer Frost said she would help her down the cliffs outside the lair. After releasing her from her cage the meta-human turned on Earth-1 Caitlin and tried to kill her- only to be stopped by Zoom whom stabbed her in the chest with her own icicle.



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