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This article is about an episode of Arrow that was one of the crossovers between the Arrow and Flash.

"Canary Cry" is the ninteenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow. It aired on April 27, 2016.

Episode Synopsis

Oliver and the team struggle to come to terms with Laurel's death, especially Diggle who is overwhelmed with guilt for choosing to believe Andy had changed. Meanwhile, Lance refuses to believe his daughter is really gone and asks Nyssa to help bring her back. A recent Black Canary sighting in Star City only seems to prove his theory that Laurel isn't actually dead. As Oliver prepares to bury his long term friend and one time lover, he is once again forced to play his cards close to his chest, openly showing grief, while secretly plotting revenge. Will he again call upon his special friends? Or become the man he needs to be to defeat Darhk?

Episode Plot

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Episode Gallery

Episode Promo

Arrow 4x19 Promo "Canary Cry" (HD)00:22

Arrow 4x19 Promo "Canary Cry" (HD)

Episode Images

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