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This character is from Earth-2

This page is for the man from Earth-2 known as Cisco Ramon. For his Earth-1 counterpart see Cisco Ramon.

Cisco Ramon, nicknamed Reverb, was a meta-human who gained powers akin to his Earth-1 counterpart after the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion.


Shortly after the arrival of Barry AllenHarrison Wells and Cisco Ramon on Earth-2, Reverb intercepted them when they were trying to track down Zoom's lair. He spent a few moments trying to persuade his doppelgänger from Earth-1 that they could rule Central City together with no one to stop them- to which the latter responded negatively. 

After a fight broke out between the two groups, Reverb was able to assist Deathstorm in taking down the Flash. However, Zoom showed up and killed him for not bringing the Flash in unharmed. 


Season Two


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