Clyde Mardon, also known as Weather Wizard, (April 12 1987-October 8 2014) was part of a bank robber duo with his brother, Mark Mardon. At 10 years old, his older brother took responsibility for him, taking care of him and raising him. After the particle accelerator hit his escape plane, he, along with his brother, gained the power of atomkinesis (weather control). He was the first meta-human that Barry Allen battled, and was killed by Joe West.


Early Life

At 10 years old, an unknown incident caused his older brother, Mark Mardon, to have to take responsibility for him. At an unknown time, they became a duo of bank robbers.

Particle Accelerator Explosion

In December 11, 2013, Mark and Clyde both robbed a bank, escaping in a Mustang Shelby GT 500. CSI Barry Allen, after analyzing the escape car tracks, and the dirt left by them, was able to narrow the Police's search to 4 farms, and the car to that exact model.

Detectives Joe West and Fred Chyre checked each of them. On their final search, they finally found the duo. Clyde shot Fred, bleeding him to death, and escaping to a waiting plane with his brother.

Clyde refused to put on his seat belt as they flew, with led to him falling out of the plane as the particle accelerator exploded, showing the plane and the brothers in dark matter, giving each the same powers, with Mark receiving greater control of atomkinesis. Neither was aware of the others survival.


9 months later, was detected by the police (although they did not it was Clyde they were chasing), leading to a car chase. Barry Allen intervened using his superspeed to flip the car. Clyde escaped, creating a intense fog for cover.

Soon afterward, Clyde robbed the Gold City Bank, using his powers to shatter the glass mosaic roof. The bank teller was able to describe Clyde to the police, leading to Detectives Joe West and Eddie Thawne to go to the farm house were he had last been seen. Upon arrival, they found Clyde, and attempted to detain him. However, he knocked them down, creating a tornado. Moving the tornado outside, the Flash interfered, saving Joe from a flying piece of rubble, and with some hesitation, reversing the tornado. In a last attempt, Clyde attempted to shoot Barry, but Joe shot first, killing Clyde.


Clyde's death would instigate Mark Mardon's own rampage months later, taking up his brother's mantle as Weather Wizard.


  • Atomkinesis: After being hit by the dark matter wave released by the particle accelerator, Clyde received the powers to control the weather, such as manipulating fog or creating tornadoes. Unlike his brother, his control over his powers was not as fine tuned.


Season One

Season Two

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