Designed by Cisco Ramon at S.T.A.R. Labs, the Cold Gun was created for the purpose of stopping Barry Allen if he decided to use his powers negatively. It is now primarily used by Leonard Snart, "Captain Cold", who modified it after stealing it from S.T.A.R Labs.


  • The Cold Gun's blast is generated by a micro-engine.


  • Absolute Zero Blast- the Cold Gun emits a powerful subzero blast capable of disabling the Flash. Impact with the blast will freeze nearly anything.
  • GPS System- the Cold Gun is equipped with a global-positioning system that allows it to be tracked by S.T.A.R. Labs. This feature can disabled by the user. A second version of this weapon was not equipped with this system, and can only be tracked through ultra-violet "cold" signatures.
  • Self-Destructible Core- Captain Cold, as a precaution, can set the gun's core to go critical if his grip is released from the handle.

Side-effects of Use

  • Blinding Glare- the Absolute Zero Blast produces a powerful glare, that can temporarily, or even permanently blind it's user. This side effect can be voided by use of specially designed anti-glare googles designed by Cisco.

Known Users

  • Leonard Snart
  • S.T.A.R. Labs (in the past)


Season One

Season Two


  • In the show, the Cold Gun has been created twice. Both were designed by Cisco. The difference was the second time he was under considerable duress as Snart held his brother captive. On that same day, Cisco also created a unique "gold gun" for Snart's sister, Lisa Snart aka "Golden Glider."

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