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This page is for the man from Earth-1 known as Dante Ramon. For his Earth-2 counterpart see Dante Ramon (Earth-2).

Dante Ramon (died 2016) is the older brother of Cisco Ramon. A prodigy pianist, his parents have come to adore him to such extremes they overlook his flaws. After the events of Flashpoint Dante's timeline was rewritten, making him deceased.


Early Life

As a child, Dante was adored by his parents unlike his brother, Cisco. When Dante was 13 years old, his band was invited to play piano at Carnegie Hall. Out of jealousy, when Dante was in high school, he told Cisco's crush that Cisco wanted to become a priest and Dante starting dating her.[1]

Capture by Leonard Snart and Mick Rory

When Dante and Cisco were captured by Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, he broke a table in attempt to escape but was beat down by Rory.[2]

Reconnection with Cisco

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Death after Flashpoint

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Despite his charming and charismatic demeanor, Dante suffers from great insecurity. Never having any ambitions or determination since high school, he has become ashamed of how little he has accomplished in life and undeserving of his parents' high praise, even acting out at times. Consequently, he grew up at odds with Cisco, jealous of his brother for have such traits as goals for the future and the drive to pursue them, ultimately leading to success. Despite this, Dante is shown to care for his brother, willing to risk his life to save Cisco.[3]


  • Bilingual: Dante is capable of fluently speaking English and Spanish.
  • Musical talent: As his mother noted, Dante's talent for the piano allowed him to play at Carnegie Hall, with his entire band, back when he was thirteen.


  • In an erased timeline where Mark Mardon tried to hunt down Joe West, Cisco never showed up at his birthday party. But Barry Allen changed the past to make it so Mardon doesn't do any more harm and thus Cisco had no reason not to show up at his party.[4]
  • In an erased timeline, Dante, presumably, along with everyone in Central City, was killed by Vandal Savage using the Staff of Horus in his efforts to kill Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders. However, due to Barry Allen changing the time continuum, this disaster never occurs.[5]

Behind the scenes

  • Dante Ramon made his first appearance in the first issue of 2013's comic book Justice League of America's Vibe, written by Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns. Here he was established as being Vibe's second oldest brother, a soccer enthusiast and an underachiever with get-rich-quick schemes. He is also the first civilian to learn Vibe's secret identity.


The Flash

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Season 2

Season 3


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