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This character is from Earth-2

This page is for the man from Earth-2 known as Dante Ramon. For his Earth-1 counterpart see Dante Ramon.

Dante Ramon, nicknamed Rupture, is a meta-human who gained powers after the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion on Earth-2. He was a skilled melee fighter.


Dante was the brother of Reverb. Upon learning of his death, Zoom lied and told Dante that Cisco Ramon from Earth-1 had murdered him. Furious and seeking vengeance, Dante went after Cisco. He attacked Cisco and Dante in the street, but they managed to get away. Rupture went to CCPD to talk with Zoom and was tasked with killing the police officers at CC Jitters later that night. Caitlin Snow, a hostage of Zoom, over heard this and texted S.T.A.R. Labs about the attack.

When Rupture got to Jitters, he spent a brief time "fighting" a hologram of the Flash- though he thought it was the actual speedster. When his back was turned, he was tasered by the police officers and put into handcuffs. Furious that Rupture had been so easily taken down and that the police knew of the attack, Zoom showed up on the scene and snapped the necks of many officers before vibrating his hand through Rupture's body, effectively killing him. Before he died, he told Rupture that "he was an even bigger dissapointment than his brother."


Season Two


  • Energy Manipulation: Dante could manipulate powerful red energy that could injure his victims. His energy blasts were so powerful that they could tip over and decimate cars.


  • Scythe: Dante's scythe could fire red energy from the tip.

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