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Earth-2 is the second earth in the Multiverse. It shares many similarities with Earth-1 but is different. Characters and objects have some form of a counterpart or equivalent in Earth-2 (and on posssible other earths as shown in the crossover episode Worlds Finest and The Race of His Life.)

Earth-2 has some remarkables differences:

Their science is ahead of Earth-1´s and their Atlantis is above water.

The main characters have their doppelgangers on Earth-2. Below is a list of a few of the characters and their Earth-2 equivalents.

  • Earth-1´s Barry Allen (The Flash)-Earth-2´s Barry Allen
  • Earth-1´s Iris West (News Reporter)-Earth-2´s Iris West (Detective)
  • Earth-1´s Joe West (Detective)-Earth-2´s Joe West (Singer)
  • Earth-1´s Cisco Ramon (Scientist, Vibe)-Earth-2´s Cisco Ramon (Zoom´s agent, Reverb, Deceased)
  • Earth-1´s Caitlin Snow (Scientist)-Earth-2´s Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost)
  • Earth-1´s Ronnie Raymond (Deceased, Scientist, Firestorm)- Earth-2´s Ronnie Raymond (Deceased, Deathstorm)
  • Earth-1´s Linda Park (Sport´s Reporter)-Earth-2´s Linda Park (Doctor Light)
  • Earth-1´s Jay Garrick, known as Hunter Zolomon (a Jay from Earth-1 may exist)-Earth-2´s Jay Garrick (The Flash)
  • Earth-1´s Hunter Zolomon-Earth-2´s Hunter Zolomon (Zoom)

Central City, is a little different as well. Jitters is called Jitterbugsand it is a jazz club. The city is currently under Zoom´s control. In Earth-2, during the War of the Americas (where Jay´s father fought, using a silver helmet with golden wings) the Flash dons the classic helmet as homage to the comics rather than a mask like Barry's.


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