"Flash vs. Arrow" is the eighth episode of season one of The Flash. It aired on December 2, 2014.

Episode Synopsis

A new meta-human named Roy Bivolo shows up with the ability to send people into an uncontrollable rage affecting Barry and sending him towards Eddie. Oliver Queen, "The Arrow," and his team show up tracking a killer who uses lethal boomerangs and stay to help Barry fight Roy.

Episode Plot

Roy Bivolo turns a bank into mass chaos with his meta-human capabalities and waltzes away with half a million dollars. Barry gets there just in time to stop a woman from shooting another man, both still feeling the affects of Roy's power, and trying to kill one another.

Iris and Eddie have a discussion involving the Flash- and Eddie makes it clear that he only believes what he sees. Barry and Joe have a conversation over what the cause of the angry people might have been and Eddie goes to Captain Singh to share his concerns about how the Flash is a public menace.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells explains that this new meta-human may be able to engender irrational feelings of anger in his victims. Barry leaves the team to figure it out so he can rendevous with Iris at CC Jitters. While Iris is warning the Flash about Eddie he gets a ping from Cisco who tells him that SWAT teams are converging on Bivolo's location. Barry speeds off to catch Bivolo, but not before flirting with Iris and "ruining her love life" as quoted by Caitlin.

The police get to Bivolo first, but the meta turns one of their own against them. The rage fueled policeman opens fire against Joe and the others but Barry shows up just in time to push the three of them out of the way. Just as the man is about to fire again, two arrows embed themselves into his stomach. Stunned, Joe and Barry turn to face the newcomer- Oliver Queen. The Arrow quips "nice mask" before jumping swiftly into a hole in the roof.

Barry meets up with Felicity, Diggle and Oliver out in a more open area- outside Cental City possibly. They tell Barry they're tracking a suspcious homicide involving a boomerang. Oliver said he overheard the SWAT radio and thought the would drop by to help out.

Barry suggests helping Oliver and Felicity agrees happily. He carries her back to S.T.A.R. Labs where here shirt promptly catches on fire. Felicity shows Caitlin and Cisco the boomerang, which excites Cisco tremendously.

Barry goes to see Dr. Wells and Joe who talk to him about the "Starling City vigilante." They tell Barry that they don't think he's the best role model for him because the Arrow has such a brutual violent version of justice. Their conversation is cut short when the boomerang goes flying through S.T.A.R. Labs but Joe still manages to add that he wants The Arrow out of his city by nightfall.

Meanwhile, Oliver decides to help Barry by getting the name of the man who owns the storage units- by torturing another man. He tells Barry the new information at CC Jitters and Barry asks if the guy is still alive. Iris comments about his Oliver is on her list of three guys she's allowed to cheat on Eddie with.

Felicity manages to convince Oliver that they should help Barry with his meta-human case, much to Barry's delight. 

Back out in the rural area from before, Oliver helps Barry train to become more aware of his surroundings and not rush in without a plan. Oliver comments how there is a difference between having powers and having precision. He trains Barry by saying that he is going to run toward him and get hit with an arrow. As he's running to him Oliver shoots but Barry catches it. However, two automatic bows fire from behind Barry and pierce his back. Oliver pulls them out and says that he heard he heals fast.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Felicity and Wells have a talk in the corridors about the identity of the Arrow. Felicity assures him that he isn't dangerous and telling Wells his identity is "not [her] secret to tell." Felicity mentions to Barry later that she thought Oliver was joking when he said he was going to shoot Barry.

They get a location on Bivolo and Barry speeds off without waiting for Oliver, insisting that he doesn't need his help. Roy confronts Barry and both their eyes turn red for a few seconds. At S.T.A.R. Labs it is believed Bivolo's powers didn't work on the Flash but he is clearly getting more agitated as time goes on. 

Barry goes back to training with Oliver, where Oliver berates him for going after Bivolo alone. Barry accuses him of being jealous that he will never be like the Flash and speeds off in anger. At Central City Police Department , Singh gets on Barry's case about an unfinished work. Barry explodes and yells at him until Joe intervenes. Barry gets angry at him as well and briefly his eyes flash red again, before he storms off.

Caitlin suggests that Barry's body is fighting off the effect of Bivolo's powers, so the rage is affecting him slower. The longer anger is pent up, the worse it becomes. Wells mentions that none of them can stop Barry so she'd better call Oliver. 

As Eddie and Iris drive through town, they are attacked by Barry who is in his Flash suit, by now. He grabs Eddie and hauls him from the car; throwing him to the street and saying that he'd heard he'd been looking for him.

Felicity managed to track Barry through facial recognition on a traffic camera downtown. Iris tries to get Barry to stop hurting Eddie but right before he's able to truly hurt him, he gets entangled in the Arrow's rope.

Barry drags Oliver through the street and the two engage in a back alley battle consisting of punches and explosive arrows. Oliver manages to punch Barry who retaliates by knocking him to the street and sending a machine arrow from behind at him. Barry catches up but at the same time Oliver throws one straight into his leg. Barry is then held in place long enough by Oliver for the team to pull up a van and show him a certain combination of lights that cure him of his rage-fit. 

The two take care of Bivolo and Oliver mentions that he has a prison like the pipeline only his is on an inhospitable island in the north China sea. Felicity asks Caitlin to break down a DNA sample from Canary's murder and Wells mentions to Oliver how he met his father once at a charity event, and how he would be proud of the man he has become.

As they walk away, Felcity comments that there is something off about Wells.

At Jitters, Eddie says that he's going to take the Flash in because now he knows he's dangerous. Iris doesn't argue with him. Barry apologizes for what he said to Oliver about being jealous and then Oliver tells Barry to stop pursuing Iris because "guys like [them] don't get the girl."

Just before Oliver and Felicity leave for good, he see's a woman at the coffee shop. They exchange a few words and after Oliver leaves it's revealed that she has a child to whom she talks on the phone with.

Barry goes to Jitters that night as the Flash to tell Iris that his attack on Eddie was when he wasn't in control. Iris, upset for not listening to everyone who told her to stay away from the Flash, tells him not to contact her again.

At S.T.A.R. Labs Caitlin looks at a past photo of her and Ronnie while under a bridge somewhere in Central City Ronnie demonstrates his Firestorm powers.

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