Hannibal Bates, (died April 2015), nicknamed Everyman by Caitlin Snow, was a meta-human who was eventually killed by Joe West. After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator accident, Hannibal gained the ability to shape-shift into any person he came into contact with. For unspecified reasons, his name is on "The List" in the CW show Arrow.


Stealing in Central City

Hannibal was first shown stealing under the guise of a young woman, Nina, in Central City. However, his first crime was framing his friend Jacob Fisher for a robbery at a bank in Central City. Through the year, he framed multiple people for crimes, including Nina whom he was able to get jewels from.

He tried to sell the jewels but the buyer realized they were stolen and called the police. Hannibal ran out onto the street but was intercepted by Eddie Thawne. Eddie was knocked over and the Flash appeared on scene to help. However, Hannibal touched a teenage girl and took her appearance before easily dissapearing into the crowd of people.

Later, Barry and Eddie found out his identity and went to his grandmother's house to investigate. They soon found that Hannibal was posing as his grandmother and gave chase. Barry decided not to use his speed so Hannibal wouldn't realize he was the Flash, which gave Eddie time to almost catch the perpetrator. Hannibal was able to touch Eddie and assume his identity, before running out to two police cars and shooting them dead in front of the camera.

The next day, Hannibal (still disguised as Eddie) went to the West house to find Barry. Barry was surprised to see him free of police custody and when his back was turned Hannibal promptly knocked him out then took his appearance. Cailtin arrived at the house soon after and they went to S.T.A.R. Labs where she revealed her plans for her newly nicknamed meta-human "Everyman." Iris arrived at the lab, saying that she thought she had some leads on the man when Dr. Wells tasered Hannibal- saying their Barry wasn't left-handed. Caitlin wanted to keep Hannibal at S.T.A.R. Labs but Iris argued against it, saying they should take him to the police. As they drove to the station, they got stuck in some traffic and Hannibal awoke. He shapeshifted into a little girl and yelled out the window for help. A construction worker opened the door and allowed Hannibal to run away.

At Central City Airport, it appeared Hannibal was trying to escape but his disguise was uncovered by Barry, who saw his appearance shift in the x-ray machine. Hannibal transformed from an old woman to a security gaurd and bolted up some stairs. Barry chased him and caught up easily, resulting in a fight where Hannibal transformed into various people Barry knew so he would hesitate to hurt him. He eventually turned himself into the Flash, but didn't gain his speed and was administered the temporary cure designed by Caitlin.

He was placed in the pipeline and kicked at the door in Iris' form before shapeshifting into Caitlin and asking sweetly to be released. The team didn't buy into it, but asked to see what he really looked like. Hannibal replied sadly that he couldn't remember and shapeshifted into a blank body.

Time in Pipeline

Trying to get Hannibal to remember what he really looked like, Cisco and his brother Dante went to Grandma Bates' house and collected as many childhood knicknacks as they could to spark his memory. They set up his cell like a bedroom as Hannibal was on rec time. When he returned from his time away, Hannibal screamed and cried for his cell to be returned to normal and closed his eyes so he wouldn't have to see the pictures. (Source)

Manipulation by Eobard Thawne

After Eobard Thawne's identity was revealed to the team, he freed Hannibal from the pipeline and had him pose as him. Cisco, Joe and Barry trapped Hannibal believing him to be Eobard and he was eventually shot by Joe. He shapeshifted back into his original form, leaving the team shocked.


  • Shapeshifting: Hannibal is able to transform into anyone he comes into physical contact with.


  • Skilled actor: Hannibal is very good at acting as the people he takes the forms of.
  • Marksman: Hannibal easily shot two cops dead while in the form of Eddie Thawne.
  • Hand to hand combat: Hannibal was able to take down Eddie Thawne easily, despite the latter having training. He was also able to fight the Flash and land a few good hits- though his shapeshifting may have given him some shock value. He is also very good at surprise attacks, knocking victims down when their backs are turned (as seen with Barry Allen.)


  • Anti-shapeshifting serum: The serum, developed by Caitlin, temporarily neutralized his powers.
  • Limited Replication: Hannibal can shape his appearance to match someone else's but he cannot replicate their abilities. For example, the Flash, he could not replicate his speed.


Season One


  • In the comics, Hannibal could replicate a person if he ate one of their body parts.
  • His name is a combination of two famous fictional serial killers. Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates.

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