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Designed by Cisco Ramon the Heat Gun was created for unknown purposes and is primarily used by Mick Rory.


  • The gun is filled with highly concentrated combustible liquid fuel that ignites on contact with air.


Season One

Chronicles of Cisco


  • Absolute Heat Blast: the Heat Gun emits a powerful heatwave blast capable of burning nearly anything. The blast attains Absolute Hot (1.417x10^32 K) when fired.

Side-effects of Use

  • Blinding Glare: the Absolute Zero Blast produces a powerful glare, that can temporarily, or even permanently blind it's user. This side effect can be avoided by using specially designed anti-glare googles, designed by Cisco Ramon.

Known Users


  • In the show, the Heat Gun has been created twice, both times by Cisco Ramon. The second time, Cisco was forced to create it, along with Captain Cold's "cold gun" because the villains were holding his brother, Dante Ramon, captive.
  • Snart told Mick to memorize all the parts of the gun, so if it was ever dismantled he would be able to put it back together.

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