Well if the Flash were my son, I'd tell him a few things. First off, I'd tell him it's a dangerous world so be careful. Then I'd tell him he's a hero and he's saving a lot of lives, but the most important thing for him to know, I feel, is that his father's proud of him.

–To Barry Allen about the Flash, Crazy For You

I embraced it. Accepting it was the only way that I could move forward, but I knew that if I could survive that, and learn to believe in myself again, then I could survive anything. You know what lit that belief in me, Barry? You. Eleven year old you, running around, believing in me, gave me that hope. And now I'm giving it back to you, son. No more monsters can take that from us.

–To Barry Allen after being asked how he dealt with everyone believing he murdered his wife, Gorilla Warfare

The man in the yellow suit has taken enough from us already. Don't let him take any more.

–To Barry Allen about the Reverse-Flash, The Man in the Yellow Suit

I do. I am in awe of the remarkable that you are becoming. All the things you achieved and not just as the Flash, but you, Barry. Your honesty, your heart. You're always a hero, and your mom would be just as proud. And if she had a say in this, if she thought for one second that you going back to save her would mean losing what makes you so special, she would never want that! Barry, what I hope for you, maybe the greatest thing that a father can hope for his son is that one day you will become a father yourself and then you will know how much I truly love you.

–To Barry Allen on the subject of saving Nora Allen, Fast Enough

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