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This page is for the woman on Earth-1 known as Iris West. For her Earth-2 counterpart see Iris West (Earth-2).

Iris West (born June 20, 1987)[1], is The daughter of Detective Joe West and Francine West, and Barry Allen’s best friend. After the murder of Barry's mother, Nora Allen, he came to live with her family. She was romantically involved with Detective Eddie Thawne, her late fiancé, who was her father’s partner. However, Barry Allen is in love with Iris, which causes some difficulties when she finds out, as she has similar feelings for him. She is a journalist who was obsessed with the Flash (before she knew it was Barry), and tried to find out everything about the masked speedster. Currently, she still works at Central City Picture News and writes about the Flash's heroics though for a good portion of season one she was a waitress at CC Jitters.


Childhood with Barry

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Being with Eddie

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Job at Central City Picture News

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Moving on from Eddie

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Season One 

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Season Two

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Season Three

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