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James Jesse is the original holder of The Trickster mantle and is an insane terrorist who enjoys wreaking havoc, often in Central City


(Discluding events from the 90's Flash show.)

The Trickster was first introduced in season one as a deranged psycopath along with his son, Axel. He spent some time in Iron Heights Prison before eventually breaking out but was returned quickly after The Flash caught up.

He was eventually broken out by Weather Wizard along with Captain Cold so that the three of them could gang up on The Flash and end him once and for all. Snart bowed out of that situation, leaving only Mardon and Jesse. They successfully built tiny bombs in Christmas packages and gave them out to a hundred children under the guise of being Santa Clause, ensuring the Flash's cooperation to be publicly killed lest they set the bombs off in the random homes around the city. WellsCiscoJay and Caitlin were able to launch the packages through a break to Earth-2, allowing Barry to defeat both The Trickster and Weather Wizard.

It is presumed that he was taken back to prison afterwards.


  • Skilled tactician: The Trickster is known for his elaborate plans and schemes
  • Engineer:


  • Trickster's Lair
  • Assortment of explosives (including spinning bombs and parachute bombs.)


Season One

Season Two


  • Jay Garrick once mentioned that the Trickster doesn't have a doppelganger on Earth-2. This emphasizes his uniqueness. 
  • His name is a play on words of the Old Western outlaw "Jesse James." Joe West pointed this out.

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