This page is for the man on Earth-3 known as Jay Garrick. For his Earth-1 counterpart see Henry Allen. For the man from Earth-2 who stole his identity and called himself Jay Garrick see Hunter Zolomon.

Jay Garrick, also known as the Flash, is a speedster from Earth-3. After being defeated at the hands of Zoom, he was held captive on Earth-2. His identity was stolen for usage by Zoom in his masquerade as the hero of Central City. With the help of Jesse Quick and Harrison Wells, he is currently searching for a way to transport him from Earth-2 back home.


Mantle as the Flash and Abduction

After becoming a speedster, Jay took the identity as the Flash, wearing a suit and serving the public. He was eventually discovered by Hunter Zolomon, who sought to steal Jay's speed. Hunter's efforts were futile, and he resorted to utilizing a Speed Force dampening helmet to lock Jay in his lair. Subsequently Hunter stole Jay's mantle, creating a similar costume to Jay's and taking his name in order to give hope to the people of Central City.

Inmates over time

Jesse Quick

Jay's first known fellow inmate was Harrison Well's daughter, Jesse Quick.

Barry Allen

The second inmate was Barry AllenTo be extended

Wally West

The third inmate was Wally West. He was kidnapped from the West house by Zoom and taken back to the lair. Zoom intended to use Wally as leverage against Flash to get him to relinquish his speed to the former. He was successful, and Wally was only on Earth-2 for a brief period of time. Zoom upheld his end of the deal and brought Wally back to Earth-1 safely in exchange for Barry's speed.

Caitlin Snow

The fourth inmate was Caitlin SnowTo be extended

Joe West

The fifth inmate was Joe WestTo be extended

Rescue from Team Flash

To be extended


Apart from his brief appearance, Jay was a good humored man, concerned for the wellbeing of others and quite humble. He referred to Barry as the Flash as well, showing his respect for the other man, acknoweldging that they are equals. Despite going through such an ordeal, he merely destroyed the iron mask and moved on as if it wasn't a huge deal. He kept Hunter's helmet, out of irony and as a memento most likely, and claimed that he wanted to use it to give people hope- something Hunter did not do.


  • Superhuman Speed: Jay is able to move at superhuman speeds though it is unknown just how fast he is able to go.
    • Vibration: Jay is able to vibrate his cells in any parts of his body to phase through objects.
    • Interdimensional travel: Jay was able to travel through the breach with Jesse and Wells, just as Hunter and Barry were able too.
    • Electrokinesis: When Jay runs, his lightning is yellow, just like Barry's.


  • Flash Suit (Earth-3): Jay's suit is red with a large lightning bolt running across it. He added Hunter's helmet to the outfit after Wells told him it was a symbol of hope- and he was hoping to continue that sentiment.
  • Speed Dampening Mask: While imprisoned by Hunter, he was equipped with an iron mask on his face that he couldn't remove. It prevented him from speaking and from his speedster capabilities. It was destroyed by Jay after Wells and Cisco removed it.


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