This page is for the man known as Jefferson Jackson and the second Firestorm. For the first Firestorm see Ronnie Raymond.

Jefferson "Jax" Jackson (born September 12, 1993) is a meta-human who was affected by the particle accelerator explosion. He is the second Firestorm, after the first, Ronnie Raymond, died during the events of the singularity. He now willingly merges with Martin Stein to use the Firestorm Matrix.


Early Life

Jefferson's father passed away when he was very young. Not much else is known about his early life, except that his father was killed 2 weeks after his birth fighting for his country in another country. He also watched many horror movies with his mother.

The Particle Accelerator

Jefferson was affected by the particle accelerator after a successful football game. He was a 4.0 student with amazing talent on the field, but after the explosion flung him into a wall, he permanently injured his knee and was told he'd never be able to play football again. Bitter and regretful, Jefferson didn't have enough money to get into college without a scholarship so he became a mechanic.

Introduction to the Firestorm Matrix

Barry Allen and Martin Stein found Jefferson in his shop two years after the accident and asked him about becoming Firestorm. He and one other person, Henry Hewitt, were the only two compatible enough to be Stein's other half of Firestorm. Without someone with him, he would become unstable and eventually die. At first Jefferson refused, especially after Caitlin berated him for not being good enough. Henry Hewitt, she thought was the obvious choice because he was a doctor but more of Jefferson's alleles matched. After being attacked by Henry, Jefferson agreed to become Firestorm and then proceeded to help The Flash take him down.


  • Firestorm Matrix: nuclear powered composite which allows him to transmutate elements
  • Pyrokenesis: Fire flaming at different parts of his body is a result of the nuclear transmutation he underwent.
  • Flight: Firestorm is able to use his flaming hands to propel himself into the air, but not at speeds faster than The Flash.


Season Two

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