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Jesse Chambers-Wells, also known as Jesse Quick, is the incredibly intelligent daughter of Earth-2's Harrison Wells. She graduated from high school when she was 15.


Life on Earth-2

Jesse was shown supporting her father at a speech that introduced one of his latest inventions- a meta-human awareness app. Later, she visited him at his lab and the two exchanged a few words.

In another flash back by Harrison, Jesse is shown being kidnapped by Zoom from her school after he tried to call her phone- only to see, on the news, the phone in the rubble of her school, discarded and abandonded. 

Jesse was held in Zoom's lair for a long time, chained and trapped inside a small cell. Zoom used her as initiative for Wells to steal The Flash's speed- or else he would never see his daughter again. He brought her to Earth-1, temporarily, to prove to Wells that she was still alive in December 2015.

In the episode Escape from Earth-2 when Barry is captured by Zoom and brought to his lair he meets Jesse for the first time. She helps him solve an old 5 by 5 military grid code that spells out "Jay." Barry assures her that they will escape and her dad is coming for her. Zoom returns and proceeds to beat Barry, telling him not to make promises that he can't keep.

Not much longer afterwards, they manage to escape with some assistance from Killer Frost.

Travelling to Earth-1

She hung around S.T.A.R. Labs for awhile after that, immersing herself in Earth-1 culture. She made an offhand comment that Beyonce was a senator on Earth-2. After the events in Trajectory, she went off into the world to be her own self and told Wells not to look for her.

However, Wells was able to locate her and bring her back. The two made a deal that Wells would try to be a father she would be proud of if she promised to never run away from him again.

Possible gaining of speedster capabilities

Jesse and Wally West were locked into the time vault at S.T.A.R. Labs by Team Flash, to ensure that Zoom would not be able get in or find. The two had been used against the team by Zoom before. Wally suggests to Jesse that they break out of the vault, after studying the walls for awhile, and she agrees once her persuades her that they can help more from the outside. When they do manage to break out, they hear noises and feel loud rumbles. Unknowing that Barry is in the process of reinacting the accident that gave him the abilities of the Flash, they race toward the noise but are hit by one of the waves of energy and pass out after being thrown into a wall.

Later, she is shown in a coma. When Barry returns from his journey into the Speed Force he touches her hand and a spark of electricity is shown, just before Jesse wakes up. After that, she is seen asking Caitlin Snow to run some tests on her to see if her genetic structure has changed in any way, but Wells puts his foot down and says that she is not a meta-human but a genius girl who's IQ can help them take down Zoom.

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  • Jesse Quick is a speedster in the Flash comics, and the daughter of Johnny Quick.
  • In the comics, her actual name is Jesse Chambers, but she later changes her last name to Quick.

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