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This character is from Earth-2

This page is for the man on Earth-2 known as Joe West. For his Earth-1 counterpart, see Joe West.

Joe West is the Earth-2 Joe West's doppelgänger. On Earth-2, he is the father of Iris West and father-in-law of Bartholomew Allen.


Not much is known about Joe West, other than that he disproved of Iris becoming a police officer and blames Barry for that. He mentions that the only reason Iris was on the force was to help Barry get his PhD which puts her life in danger- especially when it comes to villains like Zoom. Both he and Barry share mutual distaste with one another, but make an effort to get along when in Iris' presence.

At Jitterbugs he was killed by Deathstorm while protecting Iris.


Season Two


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