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This article is about a character from the Worlds Finest episode that was a crossover between the Flash and Supergirl. For a full article on on this character see this.

Kara Danvers, (born 1966) also known as "Supergirl" is an alien superhero from a parallel universe to that of The Flash. She was sent to Earth from her dying planet of Krypton to serve as the protector of her infant cousin Kal-El. However, her pod, in Krypton's resulting explosion, was knocked off course into the Phantom Zone where she slept for several decades. Her pod was able to escape, and she crash landed on Earth, where her now adult cousin Kal-El, served Earth as the superhero known as Superman. Superman placed Kara with the Danvers family, who became her adopted family. She now works at CatCo Worldwide Media as the personal assistant of Cat Grant, and serves Earth as the hero known as Supergirl.

Character is now moved to the CW and may be subject to change.


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