Kyle Nimbus, also known as The Mist, was an assassin for the Darbinyan crime family. The night he was slated to be executed, he was affected by the particle accelerator explosion, obtaining the ability to transform into the very toxin he was to be executed by. He was the very first meta-human to be imprisoned in the pipeline. He, along with many other meta-humans, was freed from the pipeline by Captain Cold and Lisa Snart.


Alleged Execution

Kyle Nimbus operated as an assassin for the Darbinyan crime family. The family testified against Kyle after Detective Joe West arrested him. Judge Theresa Howard issued a death sentence, and was slated to be executed the night of the Particle Accelerator's Explosion.

As Kyle was being gassed by hydrogen cyanide, the gas chamber he was in was hit by the particle accelerator explosion, melding his molecular structure with the gas. He escaped from the Iron Height's Morgue undetected, and was assumed dead.

Terrorizing Central City

Kyle Nimbus's rampage through Central City targeted all those responsible for his supposed death. He began the rampage by gassing the Darbinyan's at a family meeting, bypassing all their precautions with ease.

The next target on Kyle's list was Judge Theresa Howard, whom he killed while in a glass elevator on a mall, as she shopped for her daughter's prom dress. The Flash interfered in the Mist's escape, forcing the Mist to attempt to gas the Flash. Barry, however, was able to escape to S.T.A.R. Labs, giving them a chance to analyze the gas inside him and create an antidote.

The ultimate target on Kyle's list was Detective Joe West, who was visiting Barry's father at Iron Heights Prison at the time. Kyle easily entered the prison, and gassed Joe. However, Flash had anticipated the attack, and was able to arrive in time to administer the antidote.

Kyle escaped the prison, with the Flash trailing. He attempted to gas Barry as he retreated, being forced to move backwards over and over again. Advised by the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Barry used his superspeed to force Kyle to maintain his gas form, suffocating him to the point of unconsciousness.

Upon awakening, Kyle discovered he was sealed in the pipeline/meta-human prison, and furious with rage attempted to escape. Kyle was the first inmate of the prison.

Time in the Pipeline

After Farooq Gibran was killed and sealed in a pipeline cell, Eobard Thawne extracted a blood sample from Farooq's neck. Kyle, still attempting to escape from his cell, spotted Thawne. Eobard turned and signaled to Kyle to be quiet by putting his finger to his lips.



  • Gas Mimicry: Kyle is able to mutate his cells so that they turn into toxide clouds of hydrogen cyanide with some sort of sedative mixed in. In gas form, he is able to move about freely and fairly quickly- though not as quickly as the Flash.


  • Speed Vaccum: Shifts in wind currents or outside forces such as speed vaccuums created by the Flash drain Kyle's energy causing him to need to return to human form to recharge.


Season One

Season Two

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