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Laurel Lance, also known as Black Siren is the leader of Zoom's army of meta-humans from Earth-2.


Coming to Earth-1

Under orders of Zoom, Laurel came to Earth-1, with the rest of the meta-humans, to take over Central City - and eventually the world. She was tasked with using her sonic scream to take down buildings, which Zoom later explained was because he wanted Flash to be busy saving people and trying to figure out the pattern of why each building was targetted. By the time Flash realized it was a diversion, his true plan would be underway. Laurel was able to take down Mercury Labs and another unnamed building before she was confronted by the Flash. She used her sonic scream to stun him, proceeded to taunt him, and was just about to kill him when she was hit with Wally West's car from behind. Flash and Wally got away before she could recover.

Later, she was shown talking to Zoom where she asked him what he was really up to. He replied "no good". 

Much later after that, Laurel was shown standing in a building overlooking the city. She commented to herself that she'd never taken down so many buildings before, and a voice from behind her responded "maybe your not as powerful as you think." Surprised, Laurel turned and found what she thought initially was Killer Frost and Reverb. However, it was actually Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon dressed as their Earth-2 counterparts and she was able to deduce that by throwing an object to Cisco- who caught it with his right hand. On Earth-2 and Earth-2 everyone is a mirror counterpart of one another, meaning Reverb would be left handed. They ran, but Laurel caught up and was just about to use her sonic scream when Cisco fired a vibrational blast from his hand- a power that he hadn't been able to do before. She was momentarily stunned, and when she was up again Cisco found he wasn't able to fire again. Just then, the sound wave that was radiating out from S.T.A.R. Labs to take down all the Earth-2 meta-humans hit her, and she collapsed into unconsciousness.

They put her in the pipeline, and commented if they should let Sara and Quentin Lance know about her- but decided against it because she wasn't the same Laurel they had lost.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sonic Scream:
  • Martial Arts and Hand to Hand Combat:


Season Two

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