Once the armored car called 911 we had 182 seconds before any cop could be on the scene. No one could get there fast enough to stop us. But something did. And you lost your cool. You know the rules, we don't shoot guards or cops unless it's the only option. We don't need the heat.

–To Mick Rory during a heist, Going Rogue

Just remember, without us, you guys would be out of business.

Captain Cold to Barry Allen and Oliver Queen, Superhero Fight Club

Greetings, citizens of Central City. I am Leonard Snart, but you can call me Cold. I’m going to make this very simple for everyone: That red streak you’ve been hearing whispers about, the one mysteriously saving people these past few months — well, surprise, he’s real. Calls himself The Flash. Porter and Main, tonight, sundown. Come out, come out, wherever you are, Flash. Show the whole world you’re real, or this woman dies.

–To Central City on a live broadcast, Revenge of the Rogues

It's time for you and your family to pack up. Leave town. Retire to warmer climates. Finito.

–To Frank Santini, Rogue Time

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