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This page is for the woman on Earth-1 known as Linda Park. For her Earth-2 counterpart, see Linda Park (Earth-2).

Linda Park, is a sports reporter for Central City Picture News. She had a brief romantic relationship with Barry Allen. She is also friends with Iris West, whom is also one of her coworkers. On Earth-2 her doppelganger is known as Dr. Light, a meta-human with the ability to blind her victims and blast balls of light.


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Season One

Season Two


  • The reporters name when the particle accelerator malfunctions is "Linda Park" during the Pilot episode of The Flash. But we see Linda Park again later in the season as an obviously different person. She was originally meant to be just an easter egg and the footage was previously used on Arrow, but they had to reuse that footage again in the Pilot.
  • In the comics, Linda is primarily a character associated with Wally West for being his girlfriend.

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