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This character is from Earth-2

This page is for the woman on Earth-2 known as Linda Park. For her Earth-1 counterpart, see Linda Park (Earth-1).

Linda Park, also known as Dr. Light, is a powerful meta-human from Earth-2 who has the ability to blind her enemies and blast balls of light from her palms. She was sent by Zoom to Earth-1 to kill the Flash but was unsuccessful.


Little is known about Linda's past on Earth-2. She was brought over to Earth-1 by Zoom, and was promised that he would return her home if she took down the Flash. Linda wasn't particularly interested in this offer, and started to rob banks so she could earn enough money to hide from the black speedster. Cisco vibed her at Central City National Bank and notified Barry. There, he attempted to talk her out of it- an idea from Jay (Hunter Zolomon's time remnant)- but was blinded by a blast of her light energy.

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