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This character is from Earth-2

This page is for the man on Earth-2 known as Oliver Queen. For his Earth-1 counterpart see Oliver Queen.

Oliver Queen was the son of billionaire Robert Queen who died on the ship, The Queen's Gambit.


Not much is known about Oliver Queen, except that his death fueled his fathers mission to become a vigilante known as The Hood in Star City.


Season Two


  • This cameo is a nod to the comics Flashpoint Paradox where Barry goes back in time and saves his mother. This causes a ripple throughout time that changes little things that all change history. In Flashpoint Paradox it is changed so Bruce Wayne died, instead of Thomas Wayne (his father) and never became Batman. Thomas Wayne then became Batman to avenge his son, much like Earth-2's Robert Queen.
  • He is the dopplegänger of Oliver Queen from Earth-1.

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