Mark Mardon killed my dad. He had a little shoe shop down on Chesterfield. It was a cash business; one night, he went to Fairfield Bank to make his weekly deposit, and the Mardon brothers showed up. While he was waiting in line, Mark shot my dad, in the face, for a few hundred dollars. Then, a few months later, Mark and his brother got powers. Two murderers got superpowers. So that's why I'm here, sir. That's why I'm so hell-bent on being on your task force. 'Cause there's some bad people out there, and they can do... anything. And I may not have powers, but I want to stop them. You're the only person I know who wants to do that, too.

–To Joe West in the Central City Police Department, Flash of Two Worlds

King Shark almost ate The Flash!

–To Cisco Ramon and Barry Allen, The Darkness and the Light

Everyone’s fine. It was a false alarm, but, thanks for coming so fast, Flash. I just wanted to make sure everything’s okay before I go.

–To the Flash as she departed from Central City, The Reverse-Flash Returns

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