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This page is for the man on Earth-1 known as Ronnie Raymond. For his Earth-2 counterpart see Ronnie Raymond (Earth-2). For the second Firestorm Jefferson Jackson.

Ronnie "Ronald" Raymond also known as the first Firestorm, is a meta-human who was affected by the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion. During the night that the particle accelerator malfunctioned, he was accidentally combined with Dr. Martin Stein. Stein's mind became the controller of Ronnie's body and they became the two parts of Firestorm. During the events of Fast Enough, Ronnie sacrificed himself to save Central City from the singularity.


Ronnie was engaged to Caitlin Snow before the explosion and was the lead constructional engineer at S.TA.R. Labs. After he became conjoined with Stein, it was believed that he had died down in the pipeline when the accelerator exploded. However, Stein and Ronnie actually took to the streets for about nine months and wandered around disoriented. Some people saw him and labeled him "the burning man," a name Iris West  gave him on her blog about The Flash.


  • Firestorm Matrix: nuclear powered composite which allows him to transmutate elements
  • Pyrokenesis: Fire flaming at different parts of his body is a result of the nuclear transmutation he underwent.
  • Flight: Firestorm is able to use his flaming hands to propel himself into the air, but not at speeds faster than The Flash.


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  • Ronnie was bilignual in this show. He could speak both French and English fluently.
  • Ronnie mentioned how Caitlin and he were like "fire and ice." This references their Earth-2 counterparts: Killer Frost and Deathstorm, who were also comic book characters.


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