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This character is from Earth-2

This page is for the man on Earth-2 known as Ronnie Raymond. For his Earth-1 counterpart, see Ronnie Raymond.

Ronnie Raymond also known as Deathstorm was the doppelgänger of Ronnie Raymond from Earth-2. Little is known about his character, other than that he was working for Zoom in his world. Ronnie was affected by the particle accelerator explosion, and merged with Martin Stein, whom he kept trapped in his head and never let out. He gained the ability to control the Firestorm Matrix, which means he was able to control and transmutate elements using his nuclear powers.

He was also romantically involved with Killer Frost, before his death at the hands of Zoom. He self-named himself "Deathstorm."


Season Two


  • His nickname is a nod to the time in the comics when Ronnie became a member of the Black Lantern Corps and went by the alias "Deathstorm." (Source)

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