"The Fury of Firestorm" is the fourth episode of the second season of The Flash. It aired on October 27, 2015.

Episode Synopsis

Barry and the team look for another Firestorm match for Dr. Stein. When the team meets Jefferson "Jax" JacksonCaitlin  has her reservations about whether Jax is the right match for Dr. Stein. Iris surprises Joe  while Barry and Patty Spivot grow closer.

Episode Plot

Caitlin finds two men who were struck when the particle accelerator blew up, Henry Hewitt a scientist and Jefferson Jackson, a former football player. Caitlin wants Hewitt while Barry thinks they should go with Jackson. When approached Jackson, who's feeling sorry for himself because his football career ended because of the incident with the particle accelerator, refuses. Hewitt agrees but for some reason the joining fails, so he leaves despondent and starts to change which results in him becoming dangerous. When they learn of this Jackson agrees to join with Stein. Iris finally meets with her mother. Tina McGee reports a break in but doesn't tell anyone but Joe who she saw. She claims that she saw Harrison Wells- walking. Spivot asks Barry to help her with a meta-human investigation on King Shark and he finds that the teeth she gave him are in fact, shark teeth. The episode ends with King Shark grabbing up the Flash, but a hooded figure shoots the meta-human with some sort of gun. Barry races after the unknown figure and asks who they are. The person takes their hood off to reveal Harrison Wells.

Episode Gallery

Episode Promo

Promotional image
The Flash 2x04 Extended Promo "The Fury of Firestorm" (HD)00:48

The Flash 2x04 Extended Promo "The Fury of Firestorm" (HD)

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