Tony Woodward, (c.1989 – (died October 19 2014), also known as Girder, was a worker at an Iron Works facility in Keystone City. He was also a former elementary school classmate of Iris West and Barry Allen, notorious for bullying Barry throughout his childhood. During the particle accelerator explosion, Tony was knocked accidentally into a vat of molten steel by fellow steel workers. After being doused in the dark matter rays from the explosion, Tony received the power to transform into organic steel. Tony was also one of the meta-humans imprisoned in the Pipeline underneath S.T.A.R. Labs but was ultimately killed by Blackout after being released by Eobard Thawne



Tony attended the same elementary school as Barry Allen and Iris West. While attending the school, Tony tirelessly bullied Barry about his father's imprisonment, and as revealed later, had a crush on Iris West.

Particle Accelerator Explosion

Tony found a job at an Iron Works Facility in Keystone City, and worked there until he quarrel with his superior. The quarrel led him to be "laid off" by his boss. In the aftermath of the quarrel, he was whacked into vat of molten steel, at the exact moment the Particle Accelerator exploded. Doused in the rays of dark matters and other elements, he miraculously survived the accident and gained the ability to transform into molten steel.

10 Months Later

10 months later, Tony began a robbery spree by hijacking a Hummer and looted several ATM machines and beer rigs. The Central City Police set up a massive roadblock, but he rammed right through, scattering the police's defenses. The Flash interfered, but was quickly defeated.

The following day, Tony appeared at Jitters to interrogate her about her apparent obsession over the Flash, which he had discovered through her online blog. Claiming that the Flash's defeat at his hands the night before was a much more interesting event, he demanded she blog about himself rather than the Flash. A fellow co-worker subtly notified Iris of a new segment playing on the store's TV, alerting her to his status as an armed robber. In an attempt to protect herself, she tried to contact Eddie under the guise of checking on a police ball in the evening. Tony detected the ruse, and crushed the phone in a display of his powers. Telling her he would continue with her later, he stuffed wads of money in a tip jar and fled the scene.  

Iris quickly alerted the Flash, giving him all the information she had gleaned from the conversation with Tony, allowing the Flash to track down Tony. At the old Keystone Iron Works facility where Tony had previously worked and was now staying in, Barry engaged Tony, but was quickly defeated when Tony dumped a shelf on top of the Flash, leaving him for dead.    

Tony's next target was Iris, abducting her from her house, and taking her to their childhood elementary school. He proceeded to demand she blog about him instead of the Flash since he'd just defeated him and had always seen her as a love interest of sorts. Pretending to flirt with him to stall for time, Iris rushed the fire alarm, alerting the police of their location. The Flash raced to the school, fought with Tony, but after being mercilessly beaten he recalled something Joe West had told him. "If you ever come upon somebody you know you can't beat, be smart. It's okay to run the other way." Following this brief flashback, he made the decision to make a tactical retreat exactly 5.3 miles away. This deluded Tony into believing that he had won again and all his attention went back to Iris. However, Barry sped back to the school after building up his momentum managed to burst through the doors and land a hard punch against Tony's face- so hard that it changed his iron skin back into regular human flesh. Tony managed to stand even after being 'super sonic punched' (much to Cisco's delight) but was quickly knocked out by Iris.      

Death at S.T.A.R. Labs

Harrison Wells released Tony from the pipeline so that he could battle the meta-human Blackout. However, he was not able to defeat the latter and died with Barry next to him.     

Return to S.T.A.R. Labs

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Season One

The Flash is Born

Power Outage

Season Two

The Runaway Dinosaur (set to appear)

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