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Wally West is the son of Joe West and Francine West. He is also the younger brother of Iris West.


In the first episode that Wally was fully introduced, Running to Stand Stillhe comes across as a little timid and shy. However, as the episodes progress it turns out his character is a lot more outgoing than what his initial appearance indicated. In the episode Fast Lanethe audience finds out that Wally is a champion drag-racer who uses the nickname 'Taillights" to enter illegal competitions. He explains that he enjoys the feeling of speed and adrenaline, but originally he'd done it to pay medical bills for his dying mother. It turns out, Wally is actually quite a bit of a daredevil, his actions are reckless and he can be both jealous and easily irritated- seen when he felt threatened by Barry's status as the, sort of, adopted son into the family. (This was resolved shortly after Joe explained to him the circumstances that Barry came to the West family in.)  A lot of his anger was directed at his mother, but only because he was upset about growing up without his dad. Despite his misgivings, he loved Francine deeply.


  • Drag Racer: Wally is a very talented drag racer. He wins often. He's been nicknamed "Taillights" because his opponents will only see the back of his taillights as he drives away.
  • Engineer: Wally is designing a turbine super car that would run on bio diesel, which requires background knowledge in mechanics and engineering. He asks Barry to help him a little with some of the more advanced areas.


Meeting the West family

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Drag racing

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Taken hostage by Zoom

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Helping fight the meta-humans

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Season Two

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