William Tockman (born March 11, 1965) also known as the Clock King is a former employee of Kord Industries and bank robber. He was a victim of McGregors Syndrome but instead of stealing money from bank to help himself, he did it for his sister. His sister died however, and because of the Green Arrow he was not able to be at her side when she passed. Now he uses his skills to evade the police and authorities.


William was first seen on The Flash walking into the Central City Police Department. Upon arrival, he complimented Barry Allen on his watch before being tugged away by the police. While the meta-human Blackout caused a citywide power outage, William took the entire police station hostage, along with Iris West and Joe West. Tockman ordered a helicopter but was eventually shot by Eddie Thawne. However, he was wearing a bullet proof vest and shot back at Eddie, hitting him in the shoulder. He wrote on Eddie's forehead the time that he applied a tourniquet to his shoulder so the medics would know and hauled Iris as insurance that he would reach his helicopter safely. He did let Iris say goodbye to Eddie, in case she never saw him again, and during their brief exchange Eddie slipped her his gun. Once they were on the roof, Iris shot Tockman in the leg and he was taken back into custody.


Season One

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