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This page is for the man on Earth-2 known as Hunter Zolomon or Zoom. For his Earth-1 counterpart, see Hunter Zolomon (Earth-1). For the real Jay Garrick see Jay Garrick (Earth-3).

Hunter Zolomon, also known as Zoom or The Flash or Jay Garrick, is a speedster from Earth-2. Prior to the particle-accelerator explosion, Hunter was a convicted serial killer.


Early Life

Early Childhood

During the War of the Americas, Jay Garrick's abusive father served for an unknown side. His father wore a silver helmet with gold wings, that was later used by Jay Garrick's alter ego, the Flash. At age eleven, his father murdered his mother in front of him and he was put into the foster system.

Visit to Atlantis

Jay once visited a island known as Atlantis. One of Jay's best friends was known to have come from this island. He particularly admired Atlantis, and has said that Atlantis is a place where one would never want to leave.


Jay later became a scientist who specialized in chemistry and physics. He ran a solo operation that had a goal to purify hard water without residual radiation.

Life as the Flash and Zoom

Hunter's original story of how he got his speedster abilities was a lie. He claimed that when Earth-2's particle accelerator exploded, he was affected by the shock wave, and was thrown into a coma. When he woke up, he had the ability to run at near-light speeds. He made a vow to use these powers to protect the people of Central City from other people who were effected by the particle accelerator. However, this was a partial truth. Hunter actually recieved his powers whilst being given shock treatment at a prison in Central City. He escaped the prison and decided to become Zoom.

He eventually grew tired of being the fastest man alive, and decided to become a hero as well so he could battle himself. Once he discovered he was fast enough to travel to other earths, he went to Earth-3 and took out the Flash there- the real Jay Garrick. He took Jay back to his lair, trapped him in a glass chamber and stole his identity, only keeping the former around as a trophy. 

Tricking Team Flash

First "helping" Barry

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Love affair with Caitlin

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Finding out the truth 

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Battle on the magnetar

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  • Hunter's transformation at the end of The Race of His Life is a possible nod to Black Flash from the comics- a speedster that haunts the Speed Force. Whenever he appears in the comics, the death of a speedster follows.


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